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Moving Weekend Recap

Extremely busy weekend.

Friday we were about two hours behind schedule all day, but I am happy to report that we made it to the leasing office in time to fetch the keys to our place. My wife loved the screened in patio so the mix up about the sunroom fell to the wayside. I was the only man out of the entire bunch of people who came to help so we were really worried about how we were going to get the washer and dryer, etc., up the stairs. Luckily, the guy downstairs came up to me and said out of the blue, “You ready to take that stuff upstairs?” “Yep,”I replied. I’ve learned in the past few months that I should take help when I really need it, so I didn’t turn this opportunity down.

Two mishaps to report along the way: That Friday morning I stopped by the school where I received my Master’s so I could see why they hadn’t sent my transcripts to the university. Now, I graduated from the university in 2001, yet they applied a charge to my account in 2006 even though I hadn’t been back to that university since. They had the nerve to say I owed them over a thousand dollars in parking tickets. When I informed them that I had never ever received a ticket at that school they stated that’s not what their computer said. I’m not surprised at this. They have been doing this since the day I arrived at the university and from talking with others who attended the school in the 70’s and even now they are doing the same thing. As of late they are constantly in the news for mismanagement. Luckily my Bachelor’s and Ph.D. are from Big State University and not this university I would rather forget. My new employer has my transcripts for my other degrees so I still have a job. Small Georgia College told me I could send a copy of my Master’s degree to them but eventually they will need a transcript. 

On another note, the VP of student affairs was snippy as well. When I called and left a message I told her that my name is Dr. _____. When she called me back she said Mr. _____. Then when I was talking to her she made a comment such as usually when students etc., etc. I had to tell her that I am no longer a student of that university and I have a position as a professor at a college. Usually, I am very low key about my Ph.D. and the status issue as a whole but this school has made an art out of not respecting its students or alumni.

Anyway, I am working through those issues and things are going great at my new home so far! 


The Big Move

It’s 5:20 AM and I am waiting for everyone to get ready. We have a very full day ahead of us but I knew everyone’s idea of getting on the road early was big talk. I am not excited, exhilarated or anything else at this moment. I am just a man that is up way too early and wish I was back in bed…..

T-1 and Counting/Rental Woes

Today I spent most of my time preparing to move to our new city. The jeep is packed and I am ready to go. I also spent time saying goodbye to my family members as well. My wife is back from her week and a half visit to the Ft. Lauderdale/Miami area (Hooahh!) and she’s brought along some members of her family to help tomorrow. We will be heading up to our former college city early in the morning so we can pick up our furniture from storage.

Oh yeah. I called to our new place to make sure everything was ready and I’ll be doggone if they told me that the place is ready but the leasing agent made a mistake when she told us that there was a sunroom included. Now I am being told that the sunroom is a screened in patio. I was already upset that the U-haul people said that our truck wouldn’t be available until 9 AM when I asked for 7 AM. This really ticked me off. Have you ever been so mad that you suddenly became calm? The leasing agent then told me that they did have two other units available next week with the sunroom included and that if I wanted to move into one of those I could the next week. I then told her that if I chose that option would they be able to pay for a truck and some movers to move all of our gear. She countered by saying that she could subtract the fees for the truck and expenses that we would be paying from the initial rent and that two of the maintenance workers could help. 

My wife only wanted the sunroom because I liked it and had really wanted a screened in patio anyway, so when I told her she wasn’t anywhere near as bothered as I was. She told me that she wanted to see if we liked it first before we decided to seek another unit. So it looks like I can forget the sunroom. But I am very irritated.

Faculty Orientation Week/4 days left

Small College Georgia (SCG) emailed me late last night with the itinerary for orientation week. August 13th at 10 A.M. I will be starting the first leg of a full packed week. I also noticed that they have Sunday scheduled as “Assist Students on  Move-In Day.” Cool. I don’t know how helpful I could be but I’ll be there. I will probably be mistaken for a student again. When I came for the interview I stopped a young lady to ask her where the building I would be interviewing in was located and she said, “Oh, are you looking for your adviser?” I smiled and said no, I am here for an interview. With everyone calling me sir now as of late, that was a welcome mistake.

I could tell from looking at the email that SCG hired seven new faculty in all (Colleges from Mississippi, Tennessee, etc.) I’m coming from Florida by the way. Big Time State University (BTSU).

From looking at the itinerary, I can suddenly feel the gravitas of the situation and am anxious for it to begin. I hadn’t heard from the college in a while so even though I knew I was hired it still seemed not quite official. Things will probably start picking up from here.

Oh yeah, four days until the big move….

Getting Close/TED Conference

Well it’s almost showtime. We will be pulling out of here Friday to head to our new city. I was doing some more research a couple of days ago and I found out that our new city has over a 100,ooo people, which is twice as big as I thought it was. It’s not huge but it isn’t small either. I am starting to feel the twinge of excitement and anxiousness about moving. All of my boxes and suitcases are packed except one and I will do that the night before I leave. All I have to do is load my items into the jeep on Thursday.

On another note. My brother told me about a conference where they invite the “greatest thinkers and doers” to speak and share their new projects, ideas, outstanding creations, etc. It is called the TED Conference and they have been doing it since 1984. Leave it to me to find out about it in 2007. Anyway, they have a number of their best speeches online and the good thing about it is that all of the speeches are under 18 minutes. Last night I listened to Malcolm Gladwell give a speech on how one man changed the way we eat in America through spaghetti sauce. (Gladwell is my favorite author and whose approach to writing is similar to what I have been attempting to do with my writing.) I also listened to a talk by a guy, Anand Agarawala, who created a new desktop program that actually looks like a desktop. I made it through half of Seth Godin‘s talk on marketing before I fell asleep. Godin’s also wrote, Ideavirus, which I loved and actually bought eight copies of and tried to force on people. I found out later that Malcolm Gladwell had contributed to the book, which may explain some of my enthusiasm.

Entertainers, techies, scientists, media moguls, musicians, environmentalists, former presidents and many other people who are making a huge impact go to this conference and their talks and much more can be found at the TED website.

When Will I be Paid?/7 Days Left

Nothing much to report in these last two days. I called the Human Resource office (HR) to find out the pay schedule and to learn if I will be paid at the end of August. My report date is August the 13th and the woman in HR stated that I will receive a payment at the end of that month. She also stated that if I have a 10 month contract, which I do, then my salary will be split over 10 months and if I work during the summer then I will be paid separately. I already knew this but it was good to hear it confirmed.

When I was hired the Department Chair (DC) told me that I could earn a third of my salary if I teach during the summer months. I am used to doing that so it is no big deal. Also my well has been running dry for a while now so I will jump at the chance to earn extra money to rebuild my safety net and nest egg. I will probably be a little burned out by the summer but I’d rather work than not. We’ll see.

On another note, my wife says that she is really excited and can’t wait. She wants to work for a year so we can regain our footing then she wants to go back to college. She’s tired of being an accountant. She has my support, 100%.

Moving Truck

We were able to secure a moving truck with no hassle. At this point everything is in order for us to complete our move. We are going to try and load the truck, drive it to the new city and unload it on the same day even though we will have the truck for two days. However, after thinking about what I just wrote, I’ll talk to my small group of helpers about unloading the truck the next day.

I haven’t heard from the college since our last trip to find housing. During that trip, the chairman of the department (COD) took me on a tour of where my office would be and where I would teach most of my classes. It was a technology enhanced classroom and had a lot of room available so I am very satisfied. My office is also nice; it is quaint and right next to the chair of the department. So I will be right in the hub of activity. He also provided me with two course books for one of the classes but they seem more like reference books than actual texts for teaching. I will have to find out if that is the case.

By the way, my wife and I have been scoping out activities to pursue since the day we knew we were moving to the area. I found a recreation center about 5 miles from where we live that offers a lot of activities so we probably will be playing a lot of tennis down there. I haven’t been able to find any place in a 40 or 50 mile radius that offers Jiu jitsu so I am disappointed in that respect. The same center offered a Judo class, of which I have a green belt in from my early college years and even won a tournament (my division) in Milledgeville, GA. But as luck would have it, the guy who taught the class has been deployed and is no longer teaching. Since I have had no luck finding a class I have decided that I will just form a club when I get there and hopefully at the recreation center.