Accepting the Position

Well, it has finally happpened. I received an offer and accepted a position as an Assistant Professor of Communication at a small college in Georgia. The college which has 3000 students is located in a small town that no one I know has ever heard of. I usually tell people that it’s about 100 miles outside of Atlanta. Then they say oh! Even if they have never been to Atlanta.

Although it was only a month and a few days since I received my Ph.D. (April 2007) and was offered the position (June 2007), it seemed like it an eternity. My job as a graduate instructor ended the last day of the spring semester and my wife, who is an accountant, had finished a stint as an underemployed  and highly underpaid tax preparer at H&R Block at the end of April too. So with no job prospects we had to do the unthinkable, we moved into my mother’s home.  I haven’t lived at home since I was 17 so it wasn’t an easy adjustment.

I am happy to say that we are moving to our new city and place later this month.


2 responses to “Accepting the Position

  1. Cool – just found this blog through Stevebjj, and looks like it should be a good read, especially given that I’m both in the middle of my PhD and a keen BJJer.

    Time to save and then read on the train… 😀

  2. newjackprofessor

    Happy to have you on board as a reader….

    Also, I still have dreams about my Ph.D. days so I know what you’re going through.

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