10 Days Before the Big Move

Only 10 days before we move to our new city. We chose a city 20 miles away from the college and a total of 30 miles from where we will be living. It has a population 10 times the size of the town I will be teaching in and it is next to a military base. The drive will take me about 30 to 40 minutes and the majority of it is a highway shot. It’s a good drive but it is no different than driving from place to place in other big cities.

I called to set up the electricity so we could move into our next place; however, the company said they would not be able to turn it on until I showed up in their office with some form of ID. The representative told me that this is to avoid people turning on electricity in other people’s name. Major problem. We can’t move into our new place until the electricity is turned on. To make a long story short, I asked to speak to management. I explained to them that I was coming from out of town, would be teaching at a nearby college and couldn’t come there a day before our scheduled arrival just so I could come to their office and show and ID. The supervisor I spoke to stated she would turn my electricity on but I would have to come in to their office the following week to present an ID.  I could do nothing else but agree. Do they have that much of a problem with people using other people’s information to turn on their electricity?

Our next hurdle is trying to arrange for a moving truck….

Other than that I am continuing to prepare for my job through my daily ritual of reading subject matter on the subject I will be teaching, listening to iTunes which have podcasts on journalism, media and telecommunication issues and further developing my research results from my dissertation into articles I can send out for publication. I’m also writing on the side for my public writing. I try to do at least one page a day in that regard. I figure one page a day equals 365 pages after a year which is more than enough for a book. I also read other books in other topics just to stay well rounded. I feel more than ready to meet my professional obligations at this point. 


2 responses to “10 Days Before the Big Move

  1. Heh – yeah, one page a day sounds like a great plan, but personally I can never get the motivation up. As with many Lit students, I’ve been telling myself that this week, I’ll start my daily Writing Hour. Which then becomes a weekly hour. After which work starts piling, I put it off…until I find I haven’t written for months.

    So much easier to complain about it or plan that actually do it, so congrats on having the willpower and organisation! 😀

    Also, I’d be interested to know which podcasts you listen to: I’ve found the Berkeley webcasts really interesting, if not directly applicable to my area.

  2. newjackprofessor

    Yeah, it’s extremely difficult to keep sticking to that writing schedule when it’s time to grade close to 200 papers or tests and when other faculty and life related duties pop up, but I can usually stick to my schedule when there are no pressing emergencies.

    In reference to the podcasts I listen to; I am pretty eclectic in my tastes. I do have a few presentations on journalism from Berkeley. I have downloaded entire semesters of classes from many different areas from Stanford, Berkeley and others I can’t think of right now.

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