Moving Truck

We were able to secure a moving truck with no hassle. At this point everything is in order for us to complete our move. We are going to try and load the truck, drive it to the new city and unload it on the same day even though we will have the truck for two days. However, after thinking about what I just wrote, I’ll talk to my small group of helpers about unloading the truck the next day.

I haven’t heard from the college since our last trip to find housing. During that trip, the chairman of the department (COD) took me on a tour of where my office would be and where I would teach most of my classes. It was a technology enhanced classroom and had a lot of room available so I am very satisfied. My office is also nice; it is quaint and right next to the chair of the department. So I will be right in the hub of activity. He also provided me with two course books for one of the classes but they seem more like reference books than actual texts for teaching. I will have to find out if that is the case.

By the way, my wife and I have been scoping out activities to pursue since the day we knew we were moving to the area. I found a recreation center about 5 miles from where we live that offers a lot of activities so we probably will be playing a lot of tennis down there. I haven’t been able to find any place in a 40 or 50 mile radius that offers Jiu jitsu so I am disappointed in that respect. The same center offered a Judo class, of which I have a green belt in from my early college years and even won a tournament (my division) in Milledgeville, GA. But as luck would have it, the guy who taught the class has been deployed and is no longer teaching. Since I have had no luck finding a class I have decided that I will just form a club when I get there and hopefully at the recreation center.


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