When Will I be Paid?/7 Days Left

Nothing much to report in these last two days. I called the Human Resource office (HR) to find out the pay schedule and to learn if I will be paid at the end of August. My report date is August the 13th and the woman in HR stated that I will receive a payment at the end of that month. She also stated that if I have a 10 month contract, which I do, then my salary will be split over 10 months and if I work during the summer then I will be paid separately. I already knew this but it was good to hear it confirmed.

When I was hired the Department Chair (DC) told me that I could earn a third of my salary if I teach during the summer months. I am used to doing that so it is no big deal. Also my well has been running dry for a while now so I will jump at the chance to earn extra money to rebuild my safety net and nest egg. I will probably be a little burned out by the summer but I’d rather work than not. We’ll see.

On another note, my wife says that she is really excited and can’t wait. She wants to work for a year so we can regain our footing then she wants to go back to college. She’s tired of being an accountant. She has my support, 100%.


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