Getting Close/TED Conference

Well it’s almost showtime. We will be pulling out of here Friday to head to our new city. I was doing some more research a couple of days ago and I found out that our new city has over a 100,ooo people, which is twice as big as I thought it was. It’s not huge but it isn’t small either. I am starting to feel the twinge of excitement and anxiousness about moving. All of my boxes and suitcases are packed except one and I will do that the night before I leave. All I have to do is load my items into the jeep on Thursday.

On another note. My brother told me about a conference where they invite the “greatest thinkers and doers” to speak and share their new projects, ideas, outstanding creations, etc. It is called the TED Conference and they have been doing it since 1984. Leave it to me to find out about it in 2007. Anyway, they have a number of their best speeches online and the good thing about it is that all of the speeches are under 18 minutes. Last night I listened to Malcolm Gladwell give a speech on how one man changed the way we eat in America through spaghetti sauce. (Gladwell is my favorite author and whose approach to writing is similar to what I have been attempting to do with my writing.) I also listened to a talk by a guy, Anand Agarawala, who created a new desktop program that actually looks like a desktop. I made it through half of Seth Godin‘s talk on marketing before I fell asleep. Godin’s also wrote, Ideavirus, which I loved and actually bought eight copies of and tried to force on people. I found out later that Malcolm Gladwell had contributed to the book, which may explain some of my enthusiasm.

Entertainers, techies, scientists, media moguls, musicians, environmentalists, former presidents and many other people who are making a huge impact go to this conference and their talks and much more can be found at the TED website.


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