Faculty Orientation Week/4 days left

Small College Georgia (SCG) emailed me late last night with the itinerary for orientation week. August 13th at 10 A.M. I will be starting the first leg of a full packed week. I also noticed that they have Sunday scheduled as “Assist Students on  Move-In Day.” Cool. I don’t know how helpful I could be but I’ll be there. I will probably be mistaken for a student again. When I came for the interview I stopped a young lady to ask her where the building I would be interviewing in was located and she said, “Oh, are you looking for your adviser?” I smiled and said no, I am here for an interview. With everyone calling me sir now as of late, that was a welcome mistake.

I could tell from looking at the email that SCG hired seven new faculty in all (Colleges from Mississippi, Tennessee, etc.) I’m coming from Florida by the way. Big Time State University (BTSU).

From looking at the itinerary, I can suddenly feel the gravitas of the situation and am anxious for it to begin. I hadn’t heard from the college in a while so even though I knew I was hired it still seemed not quite official. Things will probably start picking up from here.

Oh yeah, four days until the big move….


2 responses to “Faculty Orientation Week/4 days left

  1. Out of interest, do you do anything in particular to try and distinguish yourself from students? I was discussing this with my supervisor in preparation for my upcoming seminar, and seems there are two schools of thought, at least when it comes to dress. He’s of the opinion that its a job, so you should look professional and come in wearing a suit. Various others in the department will happily wear jeans and a sweatshirt, presumably to give the impression of being relaxed, or just hoping to remove any possible aura of “I’m a scary teacher who will step on your face if you speak up in the seminar”.

    Personally I’m going to go for smart casual. Probably because I’ve now been in a business environment (albeit part-time) for the past three years, I would feel uncomfortable out of a button-up shirt and neat trousers when I’m being paid to provide a service.

  2. newjackprofessor

    Yes, I do differentiate myself from the students I teach. Khakis and a polo type shirt is as far as I will go in trying to be comfortable when I teach. Usually I like to wear slacks and a button down shirt. Sometimes the occassional blazer. A lot of times style is dictated by the mode of dress of your colleagues at the college or university as well.

    When I was in my Ph.D. program, I often wore a blazer when I taught. I also wore jeans during this time period so I wouldn’t feel “stuffy” or like Alex P. Keaton on “Family Ties.” At my current position, the faculty are much less formal and at times their dress is ‘borderline’ to me. However, if there are no stringent rules then it ‘boils down’ to how you wish to be perceived and what you think about yourself.

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