T-1 and Counting/Rental Woes

Today I spent most of my time preparing to move to our new city. The jeep is packed and I am ready to go. I also spent time saying goodbye to my family members as well. My wife is back from her week and a half visit to the Ft. Lauderdale/Miami area (Hooahh!) and she’s brought along some members of her family to help tomorrow. We will be heading up to our former college city early in the morning so we can pick up our furniture from storage.

Oh yeah. I called to our new place to make sure everything was ready and I’ll be doggone if they told me that the place is ready but the leasing agent made a mistake when she told us that there was a sunroom included. Now I am being told that the sunroom is a screened in patio. I was already upset that the U-haul people said that our truck wouldn’t be available until 9 AM when I asked for 7 AM. This really ticked me off. Have you ever been so mad that you suddenly became calm? The leasing agent then told me that they did have two other units available next week with the sunroom included and that if I wanted to move into one of those I could the next week. I then told her that if I chose that option would they be able to pay for a truck and some movers to move all of our gear. She countered by saying that she could subtract the fees for the truck and expenses that we would be paying from the initial rent and that two of the maintenance workers could help. 

My wife only wanted the sunroom because I liked it and had really wanted a screened in patio anyway, so when I told her she wasn’t anywhere near as bothered as I was. She told me that she wanted to see if we liked it first before we decided to seek another unit. So it looks like I can forget the sunroom. But I am very irritated.


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