Moving Weekend Recap

Extremely busy weekend.

Friday we were about two hours behind schedule all day, but I am happy to report that we made it to the leasing office in time to fetch the keys to our place. My wife loved the screened in patio so the mix up about the sunroom fell to the wayside. I was the only man out of the entire bunch of people who came to help so we were really worried about how we were going to get the washer and dryer, etc., up the stairs. Luckily, the guy downstairs came up to me and said out of the blue, “You ready to take that stuff upstairs?” “Yep,”I replied. I’ve learned in the past few months that I should take help when I really need it, so I didn’t turn this opportunity down.

Two mishaps to report along the way: That Friday morning I stopped by the school where I received my Master’s so I could see why they hadn’t sent my transcripts to the university. Now, I graduated from the university in 2001, yet they applied a charge to my account in 2006 even though I hadn’t been back to that university since. They had the nerve to say I owed them over a thousand dollars in parking tickets. When I informed them that I had never ever received a ticket at that school they stated that’s not what their computer said. I’m not surprised at this. They have been doing this since the day I arrived at the university and from talking with others who attended the school in the 70’s and even now they are doing the same thing. As of late they are constantly in the news for mismanagement. Luckily my Bachelor’s and Ph.D. are from Big State University and not this university I would rather forget. My new employer has my transcripts for my other degrees so I still have a job. Small Georgia College told me I could send a copy of my Master’s degree to them but eventually they will need a transcript. 

On another note, the VP of student affairs was snippy as well. When I called and left a message I told her that my name is Dr. _____. When she called me back she said Mr. _____. Then when I was talking to her she made a comment such as usually when students etc., etc. I had to tell her that I am no longer a student of that university and I have a position as a professor at a college. Usually, I am very low key about my Ph.D. and the status issue as a whole but this school has made an art out of not respecting its students or alumni.

Anyway, I am working through those issues and things are going great at my new home so far! 


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