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Last week I received an email from One of the owners had been reading my blog and noticed that I was starting a Jiu jitsu club. He offered to send me some equipment to try out and if I I liked it to mention it in my blog.

No problem! I provided a list of items that we would use in practice and they sent me some SHOCK DOCTOR BasiX Compression Shorts with Bioflex Cup and some BRUTE ZerO-g6 Earguards. (The package arrived quickly as well.)

The shorts are essentially tights which hold a cup that can be securely fitted through a sleeve in the top that fastens with an extremely tight velco strip. They are meant to be worn underneath the Gi, grappling shorts, etc.

I am extremely excited about the earguards because everytime I have gone to a big sporting goods store to buy some I have walked out dissapointed because most were geared toward young kids or teenagers or they were cheaply designed and fit too snug. These earguards are highly adjustable and I like the fit although they are a little bigger than I expected. My only concern is what will happen when someone is able to place me in a guillotine or some other form of headlock. I have seen Joe Rogan and Eddie Bravo wear these types of earguards so I should be fine. I am looking forward to using both items and providing a report.


Jiu Jitsu as Stress Relief/Last minute Bennett

Last week my wife casually pointed out that I scheduled the first meeting of the Jiu Jitsu club on a holiday (Mon. Sep. 3rd). She also suggested that I should move it to another day or risk low turnout. I had this in the works for a while now so I don’t want to back out now. Plus I already put up some flyers. I have the MySpace page up and just yesterday I sent the information for the club to the cable network community calendar and the local paper that serves our tri-county area. That’s a little late but I have faith in what I am doing. I also created the waiver (cut and paste…). I told her that even if I have to do drills by myself and jump rope I’ll be there next Monday on the 3rd.

I realized last night that I really do need a way to ‘burn off’ my stress and get the workouts that really push me. Grappling does that for me. I’m sick of watching MMA, grappling DVDs and Youtube shorts and not having the opportunity to do it myself, so I have to make this work. Either that or I have to drive to another city and pay an outrageous fee for a once a week session or over 100 miles for professional instruction.

Didn’t Want to, But I had to…

Yesterday, after five years of teaching college students, I had to kick students out of class for the first time. I had been warned about students using cell phones, mp3’s, video games, etc., however I never thought it would be an issue. In five of my classes its no concern. But the sixth class is off the radar (I teach three classes a day/Monday-Thursday).  Two students were playing a video game or something on a cell phone and brazenly passing it between each other while they were supposed to be doing a group exercise.  I had no other choice or risk anarchy (at least with this group). One of the students I dismissed from class made the comment “Well I’ll just go back to my nap.” He muttered a few other comments under his breath and just as he realized that he really had to go he asked if I had that policy in the syllabus. I responded in the affirmative and he picked up his books and left.

I don’t like babysitting, so this is a negative. However, I did have one student from an earlier class state that she really enjoyed some of the in-class assignments I have them do (That’s always nice)…. 


We saw the movie SuperBad Saturday. Very funny… But it’s not for serious-minded individuals.

We also played tennis this morning, one of my other recreational pursuits. I am beginning to regret not living in a place that does not have a tennis court within easy walking distance. It is not as easy to get to tennis courts as we thought it would be. I prefer to use tennis as a way to keep my ‘wind up’ as opposed to the treadmill and other stationary exercise machines.

Jiu Jitsu Scramble

I am just 10 days away from the first meeting for the jiu jitsu club. I finally have the flyers ready to hang up in a few places around the city and at the recreation centers. Today I also have to provide the Rec. coordinator with the e-mail PSA so she can send it out. I created a myspace page and hopefully it will pop up in Google soon when people look for Jiu jitsu in our city. 

I am behind schedule in promoting the club but we’ll see what happens. Working at the college has been a little more hectic than I anticipated these first two weeks…

End of the week

The week was a blur. I have never taught so many classes in so few days. During the week I would see some of the students from my classes and would not know which class they were taking from me. I hope this will change, but unless they are absolute stand outs it probably won’t. I’ve learned very quickly that I have to be very organized if I want to stay ahead here.

On a brighter note, I received a new computer this morning. They upgraded the size of my monitor too, from a 15 inch flat screen to a 19 inch with a much sleeker design. I was fine with the old one but I am not going to say anything.

Overall, I can say that I am really sastisfied with how things turned out. As with all things, nothing is perfect, but understanding the academic market, I know that just finding a position is a blessing. This is more than just a position so I am happy….

First two days of classes

I’m getting settled into my teaching routine. As expected, the earlier in the day that I teach, the more serious the students. Each class has it’s own personality and I’m not quite sure how I feel about these “personalities” yet. I can’t say that I particularly enjoyed the first day. Teaching six classes in a semester is an extremely heavy teaching load. I have streamlined the classes as much as possible so I don’t burnout and the students can still have a quality semester.

I am teaching introductory courses with the promise of being able to develop more challenging courses in the future. Hopefully, this will pan out. 

However, I have decided that I will not let the load interfere with my academic and public goals. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I have a lot of time between the classes I teach so I will use that time for academic writing, research and public writing.  On Monday and Wednesday I have less time between each class, but my day ends at 1 pm even though an academic’s day is never really officially over. I have set up plans, objectives and goals with daily checklists so I can stay on task each day. I can see that if I don’t do this everyday, I can quickly get in a rut of doing nothing and can blame it on the teaching load.

Oh and by the way, on Tuesday a college that I interviewed with (in the city I was living in) earlier in the summer called and offered me a job. They must be kidding…..I turned them down. It’s been over two months since I interviewed with them and no word. I can only assume that they are really backwards or that another choice backed out at the last minute.

One last comment: On the first two days of classes I had students introduce each other and one of the tasks was to tell the class something interesting about the person they were introducing. Many of the comments were statements such as; she likes to talk on the phone, he or she likes to shop and tons of statements such as he plays football or basketball. Many of the classes that I am teaching at this college require heavy participation so I can see that I have a lot of work to do.