Permission to Start Jiu -Jitsu Club

Yesterday I called the staff at the recreation center about starting the jiu jitsu club. Long story short, I got the okay. However, there are quite a few steps that I must follow in order to do so. I have to fill out about 7 forms including a criminal background check worksheet. I have to rent the building at a minimum of two hours each time. They had the cost at $20 an hour but since I said that I wanted to do it two days per week they lowered it to $10. That’s still $40 a week and if no one shows then that is $160 a month for nothing. So, I am going to see if I can get the same price for one day a week. I am willing to pay $80 by myself. I didn’t plan to charge anyone at first but now since I have to rent it out I am thinking about charging $25 a month. They also provide mats so that is awesome. I will probably take all of the paperwork back Wednesday and I am trying to start sessions in early September.

They asked me to bring in my credentials and I told them that there is no belt ranking system with no gi jiu jitsu. I had to pull out my green belt in judo (white, yellow, green, brown, black), my championship medal that I won in a tournament and a picture of me in my gi with my medal on. I also brought a book that has a lot of pictures of submission wrestling.

The lady I was talking to was dealing with a higher up in the back room and I think they were a little spooked by the pictures because they asked if children would be training (No) and they kept my book for a very long time. But in the end I got the okay.

On my wife’s end, she is at a meeting at the board of education for prospective substitute teachers and teachers. She doesn’t want to work in accounting anymore and this is the follow up to training she had to go through last week. I hope all goes well for her and us.   


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