First two days of classes

I’m getting settled into my teaching routine. As expected, the earlier in the day that I teach, the more serious the students. Each class has it’s own personality and I’m not quite sure how I feel about these “personalities” yet. I can’t say that I particularly enjoyed the first day. Teaching six classes in a semester is an extremely heavy teaching load. I have streamlined the classes as much as possible so I don’t burnout and the students can still have a quality semester.

I am teaching introductory courses with the promise of being able to develop more challenging courses in the future. Hopefully, this will pan out. 

However, I have decided that I will not let the load interfere with my academic and public goals. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I have a lot of time between the classes I teach so I will use that time for academic writing, research and public writing.  On Monday and Wednesday I have less time between each class, but my day ends at 1 pm even though an academic’s day is never really officially over. I have set up plans, objectives and goals with daily checklists so I can stay on task each day. I can see that if I don’t do this everyday, I can quickly get in a rut of doing nothing and can blame it on the teaching load.

Oh and by the way, on Tuesday a college that I interviewed with (in the city I was living in) earlier in the summer called and offered me a job. They must be kidding…..I turned them down. It’s been over two months since I interviewed with them and no word. I can only assume that they are really backwards or that another choice backed out at the last minute.

One last comment: On the first two days of classes I had students introduce each other and one of the tasks was to tell the class something interesting about the person they were introducing. Many of the comments were statements such as; she likes to talk on the phone, he or she likes to shop and tons of statements such as he plays football or basketball. Many of the classes that I am teaching at this college require heavy participation so I can see that I have a lot of work to do.


2 responses to “First two days of classes

  1. on a positive note, it doesn’t seem like you have any smart asses.

  2. newjackprofessor

    That’s always a good thing…

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