Didn’t Want to, But I had to…

Yesterday, after five years of teaching college students, I had to kick students out of class for the first time. I had been warned about students using cell phones, mp3’s, video games, etc., however I never thought it would be an issue. In five of my classes its no concern. But the sixth class is off the radar (I teach three classes a day/Monday-Thursday).  Two students were playing a video game or something on a cell phone and brazenly passing it between each other while they were supposed to be doing a group exercise.  I had no other choice or risk anarchy (at least with this group). One of the students I dismissed from class made the comment “Well I’ll just go back to my nap.” He muttered a few other comments under his breath and just as he realized that he really had to go he asked if I had that policy in the syllabus. I responded in the affirmative and he picked up his books and left.

I don’t like babysitting, so this is a negative. However, I did have one student from an earlier class state that she really enjoyed some of the in-class assignments I have them do (That’s always nice)…. 


One response to “Didn’t Want to, But I had to…

  1. I feel your pain. I just had to kick a student out for talking in my class as well. Kicking students out is always hard & it does disrupt class. What a paradox–in order to keep people from disrupting class, I have to disrupt class. This makes me the bad guy instead of the student who was disrupting class. I am glad that our University has a Civility Statement and we have a Student Affairs office which supports faculty when these issues do arise.

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