Jiu Jitsu as Stress Relief/Last minute Bennett

Last week my wife casually pointed out that I scheduled the first meeting of the Jiu Jitsu club on a holiday (Mon. Sep. 3rd). She also suggested that I should move it to another day or risk low turnout. I had this in the works for a while now so I don’t want to back out now. Plus I already put up some flyers. I have the MySpace page up and just yesterday I sent the information for the club to the cable network community calendar and the local paper that serves our tri-county area. That’s a little late but I have faith in what I am doing. I also created the waiver (cut and paste…). I told her that even if I have to do drills by myself and jump rope I’ll be there next Monday on the 3rd.

I realized last night that I really do need a way to ‘burn off’ my stress and get the workouts that really push me. Grappling does that for me. I’m sick of watching MMA, grappling DVDs and Youtube shorts and not having the opportunity to do it myself, so I have to make this work. Either that or I have to drive to another city and pay an outrageous fee for a once a week session or over 100 miles for professional instruction.


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