Last week I received an email from One of the owners had been reading my blog and noticed that I was starting a Jiu jitsu club. He offered to send me some equipment to try out and if I I liked it to mention it in my blog.

No problem! I provided a list of items that we would use in practice and they sent me some SHOCK DOCTOR BasiX Compression Shorts with Bioflex Cup and some BRUTE ZerO-g6 Earguards. (The package arrived quickly as well.)

The shorts are essentially tights which hold a cup that can be securely fitted through a sleeve in the top that fastens with an extremely tight velco strip. They are meant to be worn underneath the Gi, grappling shorts, etc.

I am extremely excited about the earguards because everytime I have gone to a big sporting goods store to buy some I have walked out dissapointed because most were geared toward young kids or teenagers or they were cheaply designed and fit too snug. These earguards are highly adjustable and I like the fit although they are a little bigger than I expected. My only concern is what will happen when someone is able to place me in a guillotine or some other form of headlock. I have seen Joe Rogan and Eddie Bravo wear these types of earguards so I should be fine. I am looking forward to using both items and providing a report.


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