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Academic Advising Day/First Day of Classes Tomorrow

Today was the last formal day of academic advising for the college. Luckily the college has been advising and registering students all summer for the fall semester so I didn’t have much business. I only dealt with two students, although I spent about an hour and a half with one student.  I was assigned people whose last name began with C  for our division.

Tomorrow I will teach my first classes at SCG. I have everything prepared and I am ready to go. It’s weird but I have been teaching for over four years now (in my graduate program and now at the college) and no longer have any nervous emotion before I teach. When I was in the 7th grade I wrote an essay that ‘won’ me a spot as a speaker in a program before my middle school. I blacked out in spots, stuttered and tanked in front of an assembly of 500 students. Now I stand before groups and teach for a living…..


Syllabi Production

I spent 8 hours today putting together syllabi for two classes. The college and department has a lot of rules to follow in this area. Tomorrow I will proof them for the final time.

Boring stuff…..

Final paperwork signed (BJJ)- It’s on me now!

I signed the final paperwork for the BJJ class at the recreation department today. So it’s all on me now. I have to market and promote it now. I also had to push back the time 30 minutes because I have a long day at the college on Thursdays. I have to create a flyer, a new Myspace page for the club, an announcement for an email PSA issued by the recreation center and so on. I have to find a waiver form, create class routines, etc. I’ve got a lot to do in a little time….

Free Day – Sort of…/Office Space Woes

Today we did not have any scheduled meetings and we were ‘free’ to work on whatever we needed to do in order to get ready to teach by next Tuesday. This week has been an exhausting experience mentally  and slightly physically. Today I finished filling out the rest of the paperwork regarding retirement plans, committee assignments, etc. This evening I will be working on the syllabi for my classes and will continue to read the the books I finally received for the classes I will teach.

I am still enjoying getting to know everyone thus far, old and new, however, I had to ruffle a few feathers concerning some of the backlash I received from the old chair leaving (who made a lot of promises) and the new chair coming in (knowing nothing about them).

I was originally slated to teach on another campus of the college, but another faculty member wanted to work in that location because it was nearer that faculty member’s home. I was asked if I wanted to switch with that member and I would teach on the main campus. They wanted me to really consider it because the new campus was a state of the art location and the suite of offices would be nice, etc. I told them that no the main campus would be fine. After working out that arrangement I was told that I would be given the leaving faculty member’s office, courses on that campus and would be receiving a brand new computer with a flat screen monitor, etc (It was really hyped up). I was taken to the faculty member’s office that was switching with me and I was told verbatim, “This will be your office.”

Now let’s come back to a couple of days ago. I arrive on campus and the old chairman is gone, the faculty member has received the transfer to the new location and is raving about the new office space. I am now teaching the faculty member’s courses and then some. When I inquire about my office space I was told I was assigned a new office. I was cool with it at first, because an office is an office, – right. However, it was directly in front of the lady’s bathroom (about 5 feet away) and when I finally saw the size of it (the size of a broom and mop closet) I was upset. First, I was told that I would be teaching 4 or 5 courses and then assigned 6, then I was not going to recieve the office space I was promised and so I was thinking what is next.

I started to talk to everyone involved from the new chair down and let everyone know, hey, this is not what I was promised. I told one guy it felt like a ‘bait and switch.’ I wasn’t overbearing or irate but I was upfront that this was not how things should be handled. I understand that as a rookie I would be doing some grunt work, but at the same time I made life-altering decisions based upon promises made by the former chair. Environment is everything.

Long story short: I received a nice, new, very spacious office that I could feel comfortable to work in, be creative, perform research and meet with students. With the other office I felt that all I would do is use it as a place to sit in between classes and then go home.

I smoothed everything out (I think) with the chair and everyone else I approached (including the guy that got the office I was promised) and I am looking forward to moving forward. 

Everything Is Good For BJJ!

I called the recreation center back about the Jiu jitsu club and everything is ready to go. All I have to do is sign the paperwork and drop off the deposit. I have been exercising like mad so I can feel fit enough to conduct a class for an 1 hour and 1/2. We have a channel called Fit TV and I have been using them for yoga. I have also been writing down routines and practicing warm up sequences for the class as well. However nothing gets you in shape better than trying to resist another person trying to make you submit.

First Day Wackiness

The department chair who hired me (or who strongly recommended me being hired), talked up the college and who I dealt with for most of the summer quit and left for another institution. I just found out this morning. No wonder he didn’t answer my email from 2 weeks ago. I thought he didn’t answer because they didn’t have the things I needed ready. I was wrong.

So we have a new department chair and she seems very nice but the environment has changed. I found out that the office that I was told that I was going to get has been given to someone else (something about seniority). I know these changes have a lot to do with the previous chair’s departure and everyone jockeying for position. They still don’t have my office keys ready but I was told not to worry it would be taken care of soon (classes start next Tuesday).

Cool, I am going to keep my head low and keep working toward my goals. But I am taking note. Everyone I met seemed very personable and friendly. I think I’ll be alright.

We spent the entire morning listening to short presentations and learning about the various departments. They fed us lunch and then we spent the afternoon filling out paperwork. I finally have my books for the classes I will teach and some examples of their syllabi. I have a lot of work to do in a little bit of time.

One excellent perk is that I don’t have to pay for parking. In every other university I have either attended or worked at parking for faculty and staff ranged from $180 to $300+ for the year.

Tomorrow is Day 2….

Faculty Orientation Tomorrow

Well, it’s one day before I begin working again and I couldn’t be any happier. I am starting to feel a little jittery because I do not know what to expect, but this has been one of my major dreams (to be a professor) for a while now and tomorrow I will officially hold the title of Assistant Professor of Communication. 

Almost half of the people who finish their doctorates never get the opportunity to teach at a college or university. Some by choice, but most because there is a lot of competition. So I am very grateful. I will see what tomorrow brings.

Oh yeah. After checking the messages on the cell phone yesterday I discovered that the coordinator from the recreation center called about the jiu jitsu club. She said that she called to talk to me about the jiu jitsu class. I didn’t know what she meant by that. She told me that she would call me as soon as the criminal background check came through so I could finalize the contract and go over some minor details. I hope that is what it is about.