Is this class on Mondays?

I had a student come up to me after class today and ask, “Is this class on Mondays? I swear when I signed up for the class it said that we only meet on Wednesdays. I’m glad this Monday was a holiday, but I promise I’ll be here from now on.”

Uh, Okay!

Right after that as I was walking accross campus to go to my office I crossed paths with another student, who I didn’t recognize. I guess he must have felt a twinge of guilt as he hastily threw out an excuse about missing class and asked what did he miss. If he had said nothing, I would have never have known (except for my attendance sheet).

When I was an undergraduate and even sometimes as a graduate student I always thought that the professors who acted like they didn’t know you when you spoke to them were rude. Although some really were rude and haughty, I am beginning to understand why some acted the way they did. I will get to know a lot of the students, but there are too many to know them all. I also have to be really careful when teaching on Monday and Wednesdays because I teach three classes back to back and everything begins to blend.


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