Grappling Talk (Skip this if BJJ bores you…)

Last Thursday and Monday didn’t work out well for the new Jiu-jitsu club. No one but me. However, I did go to a neighboring city about 12 miles away and worked out in their grappling class. I will start going there for their once a week class. It’s a blend of mock MMA and grappling so I have to spend a lot of time throwing punches and kicks before scoring a takedown and trying to work for position and submit. Don’t get it wrong. I love MMA, but I love the pureness of grappling as well. I have boxed in the past and practiced martial arts for years so I am not new to that scene, but I am 33 years old and I am not looking to go into MMA or tangle with someone in the “street.”

I was able to use some of my old Judo skills such as leg trips and hip throws, which felt pretty good, but I am rusty. After all of the sparring I asked the instructor to show me how he was passing my guard as we were falling down. The first time I visited them I didn’t want to throw anyone because I was in a new setting and wanted to get a feel of the place, so I would grab whoever I was sparring with and pull them down into my guard. When I tried it with him he was always able to get one leg through before we hit the ground and I would end up with him in my half guard. A scramble would ensue with him trying to establish side control and me trying to obtain a full guard.

He stated that when I was shifting my hips away for a position, he would explode up like a sprinter and guide his knee over my groin and to the right or left according to what leg he used. This explained why I couldn’t stop it. I was letting it happen….

Other Good News….

I found another Grappling and MMA gym in another city that’s about 28 miles from where I live. I contacted the group and they stated they teach classes in submission wrestling and I could train how I want to.  I’m there….. There gym looks solid and well equipped and they even have some “alumni” who participated in the last TUF on Spike and who have fought in K.O.T.C. and the W.E.C.  On their website they list about 15 or so fighters in their camp.  I’m going tonight and will give a full report.


One response to “Grappling Talk (Skip this if BJJ bores you…)

  1. Sounds like you’re making some good contacts in your area. We’ve a lot of great schools around here. It’s not as big a scene as exists in California, but there are several top notch schools. It’s great to have enough of a presence to support a fairly consistent competition schedule.

    As for the club, all it takes is a few guys who want to roll and you’ll be set.

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