“This Class is Straight” and the Tax Minefield

Last Thursday, I had a student at the end of class say, “This class is straight. I didn’t know that it would be like this.” On Monday, another student told me that she really likes the class.  I’ll take these compliments when I receive them. Often I can’t tell what the students are thinking when I am lecturing or assigning group work so it is always nice when they go out of their way to make positive comments. Classes are going rather smoothly this week and I have made significant progress on an academic article I have been working on.

On another note, our health and dental cards arrived in the mail yesterday so I will be setting up an appointment to go to the dentist soon. I am not pleased with how much the insurance costs, but it has to be done. On another financial note, I was born in Florida where there is no state tax. Well, Georgia is not as nice. There is a state tax here and they take out about five to six percent of your paycheck. I know some people who read this are probably saying join the party, however I am not used to having that much removed from my pay. They also subtract a mandatory five percent for retirement. Once you subtract what the federal government takes  and add all of the deductions, I lose almost a third of my pay for the month.


2 responses to ““This Class is Straight” and the Tax Minefield

  1. I work as a trainer for a large organization, and most of the training I do is via satellite. So, while I’m training live to an audience of up to 2000 employees, I get exactly zero feedback from them in terms of body language. I’m essentially teaching a video camera that asks the occasional question. 🙂

  2. newjackprofessor

    Yeah, with a job like this you never know how you’re doing until you receive your evaluations, by the students, a semester later. But I try my best to cover all of the bases so I know I have done a good job even without feedback.

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