Delving into Academic Research/Volunteering

I talked to the dean of my department this morning about research I want to conduct concerning video share sites like You Tube, etc. I wanted to find out this college’s process for the use of human subjects. She stated she would get back to me soon. I have been working out the parameters of the study for about two weeks now; gathering the background for the lit. review and trying to hammer out a proper methodology for the study. I am working on a pilot survey instrument right now and trying to work out all of the kinks.

I have also been working out how I am going to fulfill certain requirements as it pertains to my position as an assistant professor.  For those who don’t know we have to outline certain plans we have for ourselves in the areas of teaching, professional goals (research or conferences) and community service as a part of a performance review. As far as teaching and professionals goals I have no worries, but I have been trying to think about how to best serve the community. Immediately I knew that I would list my donations of books as service and would join their program for “givers” to the library system. I just have to make sure I donate on a regular schedule. (While in graduate school my wife and I ran a small bookstore so I know the ins and outs of book buying and can get books very cheaply.) I thought about mentorship at a local boys or girls club or community center, but knowing my schedule I don’t know if I could commit fully. I have been in organizations who have sponsored students before and an hour a two a week is just not enough. It helps, but I want to make a significant impact.

My wife solved my problem. She has been talking about doing volunteer work since we moved to our new city and on Sunday she suggested that we volunteer with Habitat for Humanity.  Perfect! She called and left a message at the branch in our area (through a local church) and hopefully we can begin volunteering in about 2 weeks.


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