My New Home for Jiu Jitsu/The “Judo Guy”

A few posts back I mentioned that I was going to a new gym in a city about 28 miles away for jiu jitsu.

I love the place!!! The place is spacious, has the proper equipment and has qualified instructors. About 10 or more guys have trained both nights that I have attended. The guys training range from about 5″5 – 145lbs to 6’6 – 280 lbs. There are guys coming from quite a few disciplines; a few former wrestlers in the mix; guys that are fighting or training to fight as professionals; jiu jitsu guys and average guys as well. The training is intense, but not enough so that you will not come back. The instructors also stress safety and watch the training closely to make sure everyone is learning and being safe. I like this feature the most. I want to train into my fifties and beyond if possible.

Another feature I like about the studio or gym is that I will be challenged. The main instructor has won many competitions in submission grappling as well as belts in MMA and he has transferred those skills to his trainees. The two biggest guys are monsters one of which is 6’6 – 280lbs and the other 6’4 – 6’6 225 lbs (solid). He said he forgets how tall he is. When I had these guys on top of me I was fighting for my life. The biggest guy tapped me about 4 times. The “average size” guys are also solid grapplers.

I have also already been labled. One of the instructors has been calling me the “Judo Guy.”  When we had to do takedowns I think one of the big guys underestimated me so I was able to surprise him with my Judo green belt skills a few times. I also got some lucky takedowns that wowed everone. When me and one of the guys were in the clinch, he ducked under for a double leg but I was able to sprawl and wrap him up in a guillotine. When I dropped back to pull him into guard our momentum flipped us over and I ended up landing on top of him in a mount.  I heard someone shout out, “Now that’s some good judo!”

I was just as shocked as they were. But that’s probably the moment I became the “Judo Guy.”


3 responses to “My New Home for Jiu Jitsu/The “Judo Guy”

  1. Sounds like a great school!

  2. newjackprofessor

    I am having fun and I’m excited! I have been looking for a place to train for a while so it’s like finding an oasis.

  3. Thank you for sharing!

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