The Jiu-jitsu Mirror

I have continued to go to the new school and as you can probably guess I am no longer trying to start the jiu jitsu club. The judo label is still strong and those big guys are continuing to give me fits. I mentioned that the biggest guy who is about 6’4 280lbs tapped me about four times in one night. Well the other big guy who says he is between 6’4 and 6’6 (he forgets) and about 225lbs of solid muscle gave me a clinic in jiu-jitsu last week. I did so poorly against him I felt the need to apologize for not offering any kind of a challenge. I haven’t felt that way since I began training altogether.

For the next couple of days after that night (last tuesday) I tried to ponder if he was just too big or strong or was it technique. I finally realized that although he was strong, it was his techniques that was giving me fits and his strength helped accentuate his dominance over me. I was able to figure this out because I was pretty much able to take him down without a problem when we started from a standing position and when we were in the clinch I was able to control the pummeling and arm positioning. I knew that stemmed from judo experience and if my technique could accomplish that when we were standing then I could learn what he knows about the ground game.

But he made me seriously question what I needed to do to improve……It was as if he held up a mirror to my jiu-jitsu self.


3 responses to “The Jiu-jitsu Mirror

  1. that’s too bad about the BJJ club..Think it would’ve been fun…It’s a good thing you tried though

    On the plus side, you’ll be able to devote more time training by going to this academy rather than concentrating on teaching in the club

    Good luck with training! Something tells me the “Judo Guy” nickname is going to stay with you for a long, long time…

  2. newjackprofessor

    Thanks! Yeah, I have been able to just concentrate on training. I notice that the instructors at this club spend a lot of time coaching and watching everyone, so I would have been doing the same.

    The Judo thing is sticking too. Someone mentions it every session….

  3. So, what happened to the gear from KarateDepot?

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