You do not have to visit me in person…An email will suffice!

Yesterday I had a student visit me during my office hours to tell me she was sick. She informed me that she wouldn’t be able to perform her presentation because she had a staph infection and strep throat. She then preceeded to have a coughing fit. I told her that she could have just sent me an email and didn’t have to stop by.

I was freaking out inside and cringing into a ball. Why?

Earlier in the day she had called to say that she was sick and to ask if she could email me her work. I told her that was fine. (She didn’t drop off any work either so the visit was not necessary.) During her office visit she also told me that her roommate, who also happens to be in my class, has the same symptoms. I said okay, you guys can perform your presentations when you are feeling better.

Guess what?

An hour later, they both come back and the roommate was sicker than the first and it shows. They both started to cough and I felt like I was going to pass out. I am not a germaphobe but I do not want a staph infection or strep throat and certainly not both of them at the same time…



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