Research and Publishing: Doubletime

I have been doubling my efforts at research and writing as of late. Especially since I have realized that the atmosphere at this college will not change. It is very disheartening to see the lack of motivation on the part of the students. I am also experiencing a gradual burnout due to teaching too many classes and seeing no relief in sight. Also, the lack of interest in research and publishing in the college does not serve as inspiration. Although I believe that this is largely due to the number of classes that must be taught.

I have four projects that I am working on right now. One is a book project where the first draft is due in two weeks. I have a research project that I am working on for the public that I should  finish in two weeks and a research project that I am working on to submit to an academic journal. I am also working on an article for my academic blog, where I use my real name, that discusses visual intelligence and cognitive learning.

I can motivate myself but I am trying to avoid the negativity that I find myself facing throughout the week. I actually had a student ask, the week before their test, if they just came to class and listened to my lectures could they pass the test…..


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