Thanks Eddie Bravo….

I cracked open Eddie Bravo’s book Jiu Jitsu Unleashed last week because my attempts at using the lockdown in class had not been working. For those that don’t know, it’s a move where you purposely place your opponent in halfguard; then bring your outside leg over the trapped leg; place your inside leg over your outside leg and then place that same inside leg underneath the shin of your opponents trapped leg (sorry, that’s about as good as I can explain it). Then you stretch your opponent’s leg out. It is essentially a calf muscle-crank.  

Eddie Bravo also suggested wearing long gi pants in order to keep your opponent from sliding out because of sweat.

Well, with my gi pants on an a renewed faith in the lockdown I travelled to my grappling class last Thursday. The first guy I tried it on, I was able to clamp it on but then my foot cramped before I could squeeze. Evidently it had some effect because he asked me what I had done because he almost tapped.

The second guy I tried it on was the guy I keep talking about that is about 6ft 4 and 280 lbs. Everytime I tried it on him in the past his leg was so slippery I couldn’t hold him in my half-guard. This time my gi pants held his leg long enough for me to slap it on. I extended his leg out and he said “Oww!!” I immediately let go and he had a look of wonder on his face. He said, “What was that?” After he asked the instructor came over and I explained what I had done. The instructor then said, “Oh you did the lockdown.” I played it cool, but I was estatic, because I had broke through my own personal plateau…..

Thanks to Eddie Bravo….


3 responses to “Thanks Eddie Bravo….

  1. Congrats! It sounds like you found a terrific school.

  2. The wonders of the half guard game….Nice one!

  3. newjackprofessor

    Thanks! I’m a believer….

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