My new fad: Jogging

I go to my grappling class two nights a week and play tennis one to two times a week, but it’s not enough to slim down to where I would like to be.  As I mentioned in previous posts, I am the smallest of the big guys in my jiu jitsu class and it’s irritating. I like to actually try out different moves and have a back and forth type of exchange with whoever I am grappling with so we both can learn. However, at a certain point according to Jacob Forte of the MMA radio show “The Low Blow,” enough size nullifies all skill.

When I wrestle with a smaller or equal size opponent I keep a dominant position only long enough to work on a submission or to let them learn how to defend. When it’s obvious that I have control and can grab an easy submission, I move to another position or allow myself to get in trouble so I can work my way out. However, not everyone follows that same philosophy. ‘Lay and pray’ is the name of the game for some big guys. The problem with that is that although I am learning how not to get smothered by  guys much larger than me, other areas of my game are not worked on.

The few Judo tournaments that I participated in, years ago, I was the lightest of the heavyweights at 204 pounds. So I know from that experience that I didn’t like competing in that bracket and wanted to drop down. I want to compete in a Jiu-jitsu or grappling tournament next year and I want to wrestle at 185 or lower so I have started a new regimen of jogging each day.  I am trying to do this for the long haul so I am starting off slow but I am looking to gain back a lot of speed, flexibility and dexterity that being at the right wrestling weight carries.


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