Slowly making progress: Academics

Recently I have been emphasizing my wish to increase my research output. Well, just as when I served in the army, it’s a lot of hurry up and wait. My main focus has been to make sure I do a little bit each day (except Sundays). So far I have all of my contract paperwork, etc., signed for the publishing of my book (academic research = probably no profit) and have sent off my second draft.  I am also working with a partner to shape up some of my writings on the graduate experience and pedagogical skills.

I have three research projects, two for my academic field and one totally non-academic that I am working on. I just keep hoping that if I continue to work on them each day, eventually I will finish. I have also revamped my routine for staying abreast in my field so I can continue to grow in the knowledge of my subject area. Let’s just say that I have to stay  marketable. I had a minor epiphany the other day and I realized that the more knowledge I consume the better I am able to churn out research and writings… So I am staying busy.


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