Any Books for Sale? Uh,,, I’m eating lunch.

My office hours begin at 12:30PM  and I teach a class that ends at 12 noon. Therefore, I have less than 30 minutes to eat lunch. I usually close my door and try to ‘wolf’ down some food before students start to drop by. 

Well today at 12:10 I had my door closed and then a loud knock interrupts my microwave feast. I pause for a second and then I say come in. In walks this older guy dressed in plaid and khakis who proceeds to say that he thought no one was in my office. So why knock is my thought. He then tells me that he’s a book buyer and did I have any books that I wanted to sell.


He sees my food and drink spread out over my desk and I’m pretty sure he could see my look of pure puzzlement and lack of interest.

He asks, “Have you sold back any books here before?”   I should have thought carefully before I said no. “Well then let me tell you what I’m all about.” 

Two minutes later and he’s finishing by saying,” Well I’m retired military and I live in unnecessary city info here.”

Okay I say, while saying to myself, alright he sees that I’m eating. I hope he doesn’t try to shake my…..

You guessed it, he extends his hand over my desk so we can grip knuckles. I didn’t appreciate the firmness of his handshake either.

You can tell I’m a little irritated by this and it seemed pretty random. Why did he choose my door and I ended up with the grand prize during lunch?


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