Being a Jerk Because I Can!

Sometimes I wonder if I exhibiting the behavior of a professional or Grade A jerk.

Example: I handed out take home exams to a set of my classes last Tuesday. I informed them that they could not turn it in early and that they had to turn it in on the day of the exam. I did this so I would not have people dropping by my office at all times of the day, sliding it under the door, trying to turn it in early in class, etc. I have to keep track of these tests and the simplest way for me to do it is by setting a firm date and collect it all at once. I also told them they could not email it to me and it had turned in face to face.

So, today I am returning to my office after going to the restroom down the hall and as I approach I notice my door is wide open. I usually close it when I step out or at least leave it partially cracked. As I am wondering why my door is open as I step into the doorway I notice a student standing in the corner of my office. My first thought is did he enter a closed office.


He then asks me can he turn in his test right now because he won’t be able to come to class this Thursday because he has to “be somewhere.” I told him no he would not be able to and that I am only accepting them on Thursday at the time of his class. I then offer him the option of allowing someone else to turn it in for him but I can’t be held accountable for someone else turning in his work…. He said okay and left.

The entire time I was saying no I was wondering if I was being a jerk. However at the same time, he misses class often and once told me he overslept as an excuse for missing class. He even missed the class when the test was handed out and tried to have someone else pick it up.

Now that I have written this out I realize that I wasn’t quite being a jerk. I was probably reflexively reacting to his past behavior….. and he did invite himself into my empty office unannounced.


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