Registering Students/Preparing Syllabi

Today I have been registering students. I still can’t understand why they haven’t created a system that will allow them to register online or at least over the phone. I only had to register a few but each one took 30 to 45 minutes because most of the classes are filled at this point.

I also prepared syllabi for tomorrow. No need to create it way in advance this time. I just changed the dates and added some new rules. Since many of the students at this university have behavioral issues, I have put in a few extra statements so I, nor my good students, have to deal with their nonsense. One of the rules is if I have to ask them to leave my classroom (kick out) twice for inappropriate behavior then I will withdraw them from the course. If I have to stop the class to address inappropriate behavior three times, then they will be withdrawn from the course.

I didn’t know about this rule until after the semester started last time so I didn’t have it in my syllabus. I know about it this semester and even cleared it with the chair. The chair told me to make sure I spelled out what I meant by disruptive behavior, etc…

No problem.

In retrospect, I only had one class that really got on my nerves and it had about four ring leaders (which is a lot for a class) and four flunkies who were minupulated by them. They drove me ‘nuts’ and I do not want to spend my nights complaining about them to my wife….hence the new rules. That class affected my entire attitude about this position. When it was coupled with the low expectations, performance and the apathetic attitudes of the other classes it became to much too handle. 


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